Peter Baeck Head of collaborative economy research at Nesta

Peter Baeck

Peter Baeck is head of collaborative economy research at Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation.

As part of his research in to public sector innovation Peter currently leads a large study on mapping and understanding digital social innovation in Europe for DG connect. He also co– authored the i-teams study on public sector innovation labs in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropy and co-authored Rethinking Smart Cities from the Ground Up which highlighted the growing importance of civic tech solutions in smart cities.

Peter has led on much of Nesta’s research into crowdfunding and P2P lending as an innovative way of financing products and services. He is the author of, Pushing Boundaries (2015), Understanding Alternative Finance (2014) and Working the Crowd (2013), Crowdingin (2013). He also helped set up the UK’s first crowdfunding directory and the first matched crowdfunding pilot for the arts and heritage sectors in the UK.

Peter is a frequent blogger, commentator and speaker on crowdfunding, digital social innovation and the collaborative economy.

Peter tweets at @PeterBaeck


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