Giulia Bubbolini Head of EU and Institutional Projects at CISE

Giulia Bubbolini

Giulia Bubbolini is Head of EU and Institutional Projects at CISE, where she holds a middle-management position. Giulia has been working on EU projects since 2002 (both as project partner and project coordinator). Projects focused on innovation systems, renewable energies and energy efficiency, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and responsible research and innovation (RRI) and were co-funded by various EU programmes (life-long learning, social and industrial relations, regional cooperation, competitiveness and innovation). Giulia has a background in economics and marketing, and – starting from total quality managements – she progressively moved onto organisational innovation, with specific reference to open innovation, CSR and eventually RRI. Giulia is in charge of international relationship and networking, both with reference to EU projects and to CSR services. Currently, Giulia coordinates the ETC projects Interreg Europe MARIE on mainstreaming RRI in policy making and Interreg Central ROSIE on supporting implementation of RRI in business strategies and procedures. Giulia coordinated the EU thematic network R-ICT – Responsible ICT (CIP ICT PSP, www.r-ict), which operated the DAE Community ICT4Society and was a member of the Steering Committee of DG CONNECT’s Community of Practice for Better Self- and Co-regulation.


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